Code Signing Keys Be Gone! Welcome BlackBerry ID

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*This post has been updated from an earlier version to provide additional information for existing BlackBerry code signing key holders. 

What if I told you that you no longer have to worry about backing up your BlackBerry 10 code signing keys, forgetting your signing password, remembering which computer you had your keys installed on, or waiting for signing keys to be emailed to you? Well I’m here to tell you just that. BlackBerry 10 code signing keys can now be replaced with a BlackBerry ID account to verify the author of an application. BlackBerry ID support is now included in the BlackBerry Native SDK, BlackBerry AIR SDK and Android tools (as well as BlackBerry WebWorks 2.0 SDK as of December 2013).*

This means you can configure a computer for signing by logging into BlackBerry ID. No more losing signing keys because you forgot to back them up. Forget…

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Extreme Makeover: BlackBerry Developer Site Edition

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NativeMixedThe BlackBerry Developer web properties are undergoing some exciting renovations. Our goal is to help you understand what tools or information you need and make sure you can find them easily. These changes affect our microsites’ appearance and the location of certain content. We’re also adding some new features that will enable you to provide feedback so you can help us make the BlackBerry Developer properties even more engaging.

Here’s what’s new…

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