NSA Project X-Keyscore Collects Nearly Everything You Do On The Internet


Further leaks have revealed an NSA project called XKeyscore that, with a few keystrokes, can give a data analyst access to nearly everything a user does on the Internet – from chat sessions to email to browsing habits.

The system requires an email because many behaviors online are completely anonymous and it is only via some sort of identifier — a username and domain — that the system can scour the database of collected Internet traffic and metadata.

As Snowden said to the Guardian on June 10, “I, sitting at my desk could wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge or even the president, if I had a personal email.” XKeyscore is how it is done.


The system is available to NSA analysts and can be accessed without a warrant. According to training manuals produced in 2010, the system requires analysts to request data on certain…

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Diffbot Releases Product Pages API, Uses Robot Learning To Supercharge Shopping And Collecting Sites


Diffbot is a startup that’s trying to make sense of the mass of information available on the web via robotic vision and computer learning, and it’s doing so one chunk at a time. Previously, the company released a comprehensive API for identifying and deriving key info from article pages on the web, and now it’s launching a Product Page API to do the same for ecommerce and shopping sites.

The new API will allow Diffbot to crawl the web and parse information such as price, discounts, shipping, images, descriptions and SKUs, and then translate that into an immediately usable database format for devs to mine and repurpose however they wish. This is incredible useful for comparison shopping sites, for instance, but Diffbot CEO and founder Mike Tung says they’ve also had a lot of interest in the product from collecting, bookmarking and listing sites similar to Pinterest.

“Product discovery type…

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Canopy Launches To Make Amazon Shopping More Social, Shareable And Beautiful


I’m an unabashed Amazon addict, but I’m not thrilled about the cluttered and unappealing visuals on the site. A new startup called Canopy with a team split between Toronto and San Francisco aims to vastly improve the Amazon window shopping experience, with a Pinterest-style sharing and networking experience that keeps the focus on commerce and enables users to actually buy the things they find with a minimum of fuss.

Canopy allows users to see product recommendations from other users, or to add their own via simple copy and paste of an Amazon link or with the help of a handy Chrome extension. Canopy then does a nice job of automatically formatting the product for a nice clean presentation like you might see on more design-focused marketplace sites like Fancy.

New members can follow their friends, and automatically follow an editor account when they sign up so that they aren’t greeted…

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Yahoo Acquires Lexity, Will Keep Ecommerce App Platform Running But Rebrand It


Yahoo has just acquired e-commerce app platform Lexity, a startup founded by former employee Amit Kumar. Lexity says all services will remain running, but it will eventually be renamed with Yahoo branding. This isn’t just another talent deal. The startup, formerly called Vurve, had raised $5.7 million to help merchants build apps for customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Lexity’s flagship Lexity Live app would analyze a merchant’s store and provide insights about how to improve sales and other metrics. The company writes that “All Lexity products, services and initiatives will transition seamlessly and get even better, faster and stronger.” This support includes integrations with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce tools, as well as developers building on the Lexity platform. There are also no plans to change Lexity’s pricing model.

AllThingsD reported last week that Yahoo was eying the startup. Terms of the deal weren’t immediately disclosed on this deal, the…

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Unity 4.2 Pro and Free Version Now Fully Support BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Developer Blog


All of us here at BlackBerry Developer Relations are thrilled to announce that the free and Pro releases of Unity 4.2 from Unity Technologies now fully support BlackBerry 10!

To further foster the development of high-quality games for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry and Unity Technologies have teamed up to offer a number of select Unity Pro License holders a free copy of the BlackBerry Pro add-on license until November 20, 2013, if they submit a game developed with Unity to the BlackBerry World storefront. To sweeten the offer, we’re providing these developers with a free BlackBerry Z10 smartphone too.*

To download Unity 4.2 with the BlackBerry deployment add-on visit: http://unity3d.com/unity/download/

Remember, this offer is on for a limited offer so click the link and be the next killer game to hit BlackBerry World!

Happy Gaming!

*800 licenses and devices available while supplies last.  Term and Conditions apply.  Visit https://unity3d.com/contest/blackberry/terms for complete…

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LinkedIn App for BlackBerry 10 now Updated to v10.1.4

Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog


Today, we are happy to announce a new version of LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 smartphones is now available for download on BlackBerry World. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your colleagues, search for job opportunities, network with peers in your industry, and to stay on top of the latest news. Read on for the new features included in today’s update.

LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 version 10.1.4

Let’s get right to the good stuff – a ton of new features are included in this new release of LinkedIn for BlackBerry 10 smartphones, available on the BlackBerry World storefront. Take a look at the list below and tell us your favorites in the comments.

  • Get More from your Recent Updates
    When you first open the app, your recent updates will now include posts from companies that you follow as well as job suggestions 
  • Auto Refresh
    The latest LinkedIn update…

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BlackBerry 10 and cloudbase.io

BlackBerry Developer Blog


Close your eyes and imagine that with one API your app could send data to the cloud and store it there. Done? Now imagine that with the same API your app could receive push data from the cloud, on multiple devices. Done? Now add on top a control panel to manage and analyze your data.

You don’t have to imagine anymore, the service is here, it integrates perfectly with BlackBerry 10 and it’s called Cloudbase.io! Discover cloud database, cloud functions and the flexibility of the shared APIs to turn your application into a platform at http://cloudbase.io/why/

We are excited to announce that BlackBerry developers can now take full advantage of the Cloudbase.io offering with the BlackBerry 10 Cascades and BlackBerry 10 WebWorks libraries.

To make it even easier we created a sample app that allows you to:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload it to Cloudbase.io along with their meta-data
  • Fetch the array…

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Going mobile with HTML5 is easier than ever!

BlackBerry Developer Blog


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Sencha to bring you an offer that makes it easier than ever to bring your Sencha Touch application to BlackBerry 10. We’re providing a free copy of Sencha Architect ($399 USD value), a BlackBerry Dev Alpha B device and support for qualified developers (terms and conditions apply).

Sencha continues to make strides in supporting BlackBerry 10 and with the release of Sencha Touch 2.3 performance on BlackBerry 10 is better than ever. With industry leading HTML5 performance on BlackBerry 10, it’s never been better to bring your Sencha Touch application to BlackBerry 10!

Get started now at developer.blackberry.com/senchaoffer

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Display Your Vine Videos on WordPress.com

The WordPress.com Blog

You know all those Vine masterpieces you’ve recorded with your mobile phone — six seconds of time, looping over and over, immortalized on your little screen? Now, you can embed these videos on your WordPress.com site, using a URL or shortcode.

Embed a Vine video with a URL

To embed one of your fabulous looping creations, simply copy the video’s URL. If you share a video on Facebook or Twitter, its URL can be found at the end of your post or tweet:

Another way to find a video’s URL:

  1. Click the three dots at the bottom of a Vine post.
  2. Select “Share this post” and then “Embed.”
  3. Copy the URL shown, minus the /embed.

Finding a Vine URL

Once you’ve copied the URL, paste it on a line by itself when you’re editing a post or page (and double-check that you’ve got https:// at the beginning, as shown below):

post editor

Once that’s set…

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Free Cascades and WebWorks training courses available online

BlackBerry Developer Blog


If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of building BlackBerry 10 Cascades or WebWorks apps, we have a series of over 30 (and counting) online courses to help you get started. These courses can also be useful if you’re planning on taking the BlackBerry Certified Builder exams and need some extra resources to get prepared.

Each and every one of the BlackBerry 10 Cascades and WebWorks courses include the following:

  • an online lesson, typically around 15-30 minutes long
  • a downloadable, self-directed lab exercise to give you the opportunity to apply the concepts you learned in the online lesson
  • a quick quiz to help assess your knowledge of the info covered in the lesson and lab
  • a dedicated message board to post questions or comments relating to the specific course

Additional courses are on their way and we’ll also be updating all of the existing courses once the BlackBerry 10.2 Gold…

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