In Response To PRISM, Anonymous Leaks DoD Documents


Following news of the NSA’s data-mining program which taps into Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple servers, among others, the network of internet activists known as Anonymous have released a collection documents online which detail the existence of an “intelligence-sharing network.” The documents are dated around 2008 – which, according to reports, was shortly after the PRISM program took off with its first partners (Microsoft in 2007, followed by Yahoo in 2008).

The leak from Anonymous was first reported by the Inquirer.

The documents were released on the privacy-focused information sharing site Pastebin, often used by Anonymous for its online missives. Along with links to the files themselves, the group has penned another of its rallying cries/press releases about the “documents ‘they’ do not want you to see,” proclaiming, “let these people know, that we will not be silenced…” and so on.

Anonymous says the documents show that NSA…

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