The Same Tech That Makes Your Bose Headphones So Quiet Could Give Net Speeds A Big Boost


New research suggests that noise canceling tech isn’t just for blocking out the screaming baby or chatty couple sitting next to you on that transatlantic flight – it could also greatly improve the quality, reliability and speed of our Internet connections, according to new research published by Nature Photonics and spotted by VentureBeat. By eliminating background noise, noise-canceling technology could result in a cleaner signal across a fiber optic cable, increasing speed and quality of connection.

The use of light beam transmissions designed to cancel out the noise associated with the main signal travelling over long-distance fiber optic networks could boost speeds by as much as 400 percent, according to Xiang Liu and his research team from Bell Laboratories, who published the study. That would mean 400 gigabits per second transfer rates over cables that span 12,800 km (cyclist Ryan Stotland covered seven countries across South America spanning less than that distance…

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