Having trouble with Wifi at BlackBerry Live?

Improve your Conference Wi-Fi Experience
Are you having issues with the conference Wi-Fi network? There is a setting you can change on your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone that will help! By default, your device is set to stay on one wireless access point to help save battery power – this is great for when you’re at home or the office, but when you’re moving around the conference and the access point you’re connected to isn’t the closest one to you, it’s not ideal. You can easily enable Inter-Access Point Handover by following these simple steps:

Make sure you have connected to the conference Wi-Fi network at least once so it’s in your Saved Networks list – SSID: BlackBerry
Go to the Wi-Fi settings and view your Saved Networks list
Select the BlackBerry network
At the bottom of the network details, turn on the “Inter-Access Point Handover” option
Press “Save” in the menu at the bottom of your screen

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