Opera Launches First Preview Of Its Chromium-Based Desktop Browser, Spins Off Email Client


How to clear your browsing history using BlackBerry 10

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Last night while visiting with a friend, they asked me how to clear their BlackBerry 10 browser history. Long story short, he had been visiting some jewelry websites and since his significant other uses his device from time to time, he didn’t want her to stumble across a surprise she’d be receiving shortly. Without further ado, here’s how to clear your browsing history.

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The Best Places to Find Free Music Online


You can find almost any song you can think of online and download it for free. If you want to do it legally, it’s a little tougher – but not impossible (in many cases). We rounded up a list of places to look if you want to score a free song but don’t want to break the law.

Before we get too far, we should mention that free doesn’t usually mean the latest popular songs. But there are plenty of opportunities to find older songs, newer songs from independent artists and a few surprises along the way.

Look for deals on iTunes and Amazon


iTunes and Amazon aren’t exactly where you’d think to look for free music, since they’re the most popular purveyors of paid online downloads. But as long as you’re not looking for a specific song, you can find some really interesting new tunes on these big…

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Vodafone Wants European Devs To Build Apps That Do Good, Puts €200K Up For Grabs

Backlift, The YC-Backed Back-End Service For Front-End Developers, Launches A/B Testing Service

The Same Tech That Makes Your Bose Headphones So Quiet Could Give Net Speeds A Big Boost

This DIY Super Laser Can Cut Through A Ping Pong Ball

The Value of Twitter


Every morning, I get up, get my coffee, sit down at the breakfast table and open Twitter on my iPad. I have a list set up of all the major tech publications and individuals who regularly say or share relevant technology news, analysis, or other insights I’m interested in. Thanks to Twitter, within a few minutes I am up to speed on any major news or key happenings within the tech realm. For me, Twitter has replaced the morning paper.

In regular discussions I have with industry folks, it seems as though the value of Twitter is still largely misunderstood. I hear often the theory that we are just creating a society of narcissists who feel the need to share every little detail about themselves. There may certainly be some cases where this is true, but the key to understanding Twitter is that it’s not what you post, but what…

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Clever Siri-like Everything.me Android Content Search App Launches In UK And Spain

Kickfolio Becomes App.io, Raises $1 Million+ To Bring Mobile Apps To The Browser And, Now, The Facebook News Feed, Too