occupy Wallstreet

Occupy Wall Street; blaming the government, corporate greed, economic inequality and everything else under the sun for not being able to find a job, meanwhile taking on none of the responsibility or blame themselves, then camp out in public places for weeks on end instead of………yea, you got it, looking for a job.

I guess this must have been the thought process:

“Fuck. I can’t find any jobs, but I have an idea. I will camp outside for weeks holding a sign up about how there are no jobs and how Wall Street sucks and then maybe I will get a job that way.”

Look, the rich are rich, get over it. If you want to be rich too you sure as fuck aren’t going to get there by sitting in a public park holding a homemade sign. Also, your demands are absurd and unrealistic. They just are. Success isn’t handed to you, it’s earned.

It’s ok to be in the 99%, mainly because that’s where 99% of us currently are and will always be.

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