Many schools elect not to celebrate Halloween each year for various reasons, but some parents want their holiday traditions back.

Many principals have  released a letter stating “the celebration of Halloween at school can lead to student exclusion.” Not wanting any students to feel left out over costumes, most Public Schools will downplay Halloween because of “social, financial and cultural differences among our families that we must respect.” So how is this not punishing the kids that want and can dress up?  Want to talk about equity.

The letters have went on to say the decision was made in “the spirit of equity.”

I hope writing this blog will ignite other parents to led  to start a petition to bring Halloween back.

“We live in America,” we have the right to celebrate how we want!

It’s safe to say that the some schools will not be  hosting any Halloween parties and asked students not to wear costumes, they are having a Thanksgiving celebration. So is this fair?

I’m absolutely torn, I’m a traditionalist at heart; I love the idea of my kids wearing a Halloween costume to school.

A child who shows up for school in costume runs the risk of being sent home.

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